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Heraklion Airport Taxi
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I just made a reservation and paid, have I done everything needed?

Please check your e-mail. You have already received our confirmation mail at which your route, your name, and generally all of your reservation are described. You don't have to do anything else at all, just have with you the e-mail print out because our driver could ask for it.

Is it certain that I will not pay anything else? Have I paid absolutely everything?

You have paid the full amount requested. You will not be asked and you will not pay anything else of what's already being paid on line. The route you have chosen is confirmed and fully paid.

Will the taxi that I just paid really wait for me? How will they know its me?

Our driver will be waiting for you at the arrival point bearing our sign. (Arrivals in Airports, Vessel disembarkations, train platforms, etc) You will see clearly noted our name taxireservations and your name displayed on our sign. The data that you have already loaded (travel details, Arrival, Flight Number, Airline, etc) is kept for that reason only. If by chance you manage to arrive and disembark from a different that the usual point (if and where ever this could be possible), do not worry we will trace you and we don't easily quit.

What if the taxi drivers have a strike?

If you have booked through www.heraklion-airport-taxi.com we guarantee that we will deliver the service you expect, we will transfer you. In case there is a strike or any other unpredictable event, we fully guarantee that we will be transferred; however we do not guarantee the type and the usual top class of the vehicle transporting you. Your transport however is fully confirmed.

My flight leaves in few hours, could I book a taxi?

www.heraklion-airport-taxi.com can confirm reservations even up to 8-10 hours before your arrival to the out bound location. (Your departure point) For example if your flight lands 12:00, you could book your taxi even 4:00 the same day! Go ahead!

What happens if my flight is delayed? (Or my ship, train, etc?)

Do not worry at all. Regardless of how long the delay will be, your taxi will be waiting for you for as long as it is needed. You will not be charged extra ! We are in constant contact with the arrival lounges and airplane information points for that reason.

I would like to be transported to a location that is not displayed as an option.

In this case please e-mail us, we will respond to you within 2-4 hrs from time of receipt for with the cost and the payment method.

I do not need a transfer, I would like an excursion program for sight seeing, is that possible?

Please let us know in info @ heraklion-airport-taxi.com and we will tailor make the ideal program for you. You will have an unforgettable experience that will meet your particular needs and your high expectations!

We are 5 people arriving, how many vehicles do we need?

Most taxis (until this moment) can carry up to 4 persons. If you have loaded 5 people (in the No of passengers section) two vehicles are necessary and the displayed calculation is automatically done on the basis of two vehicles.

We have a child with us, is child seat available?

Please ask the vehicle that will be waiting for you, will be accordingly prepared. Naturally without any additional charge, you have already paid.

I would like to book my return as well, can I?

Yes, you can choose to book your return route as well. In this case you get a discount of 3% to 5%! It would be helpful, in that case, to let us know your mobile phone so we can confirm the exact date, time and location of your return route.

Who will be waiting for me at the airport, with what vehicle ?

www.heraklion-airport-taxi.com offers services only through professional, licensed, insured, non-smoking drivers that bear all the appropriate by the Transportation Ministry licenses. In all covered locations, we collaborate with accredited taxi associations or with driver companies that are accredited and controlled by governmental bodies. All of the vehicles used are in perfect condition and of course clean and tidy. (Naturally offering all modern amenities like air-condition, etc).

We are at your service for any further information that you might need, please do not hesitate to ask,
info @ heraklion-airport-taxi.com
We offer:
Professional service by licensed drivers
Free Child seats in many destinations!
Top quality vehicles used!
24hr Emergency phone service

Flight monitoring, no worries about flight delays

Instant online confirmation
No hidden costs or credit card fees!
Transferring you TO your doorstep, not "close" to it!
Last minute booking !!!
Heraklion Airport Taxi
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